WLP518-HB Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast

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Sourced from our friend Lars Marius Garshol of Lillestrøm, this strain was isolated and purified from a mixed culture from the Opshaug family farm in Norway. This strain was originally used in the 1990s to produce several kveik-style beers. It is a clean fermenting yeast and has tolerated temperatures up to 91°F (33°C) while finishing fermentation within 48-50 hours.

This is a pure culture kveik-style yeast. 

Harald Opshaug in Stranda, western Norway, got this kveik from another farmhouse brewer further up the valley in the mid-90s. Harald has used several kveik strains, but this one he calls “the good sort.”

Originally Harald brewed raw ale with juniper branches and kveik like other kornøl brewers in the area. Eventually, he got exposed to modern brewing theory, which teaches that this is all wrong. So he started boiling the wort and switched from the kveik to Nottingham Ale yeast. “That yeast is all right in its way, but it takes until well over midnight before anything happens,” he said. Harald was used to this kveik, which would make the hat of foam rise out of the fermentor before he had finished boiling and cleaning his second kettle.

He switched yeasts because he didn’t dare use the kveik any more, after having learned that this was wrong. But at the same time, he couldn’t bear to throw it away, so he has been keeping it alive by reviving it now and then, and then drying it again.

He pitched at 23-24°C (73-75°F), but the yeast can handle at least 33°C (91°F). He would harvest yeast from the top after 30 hours, and the beer would be finished after 48-50 hours.


Attenuation: 70.00-80.00

Flocculation: Medium to High

Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 77.00-86.00

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium – High (8 – 12%)

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