Ultimate Flying Disk Frisby/Frisbee - 175gram Competition Grade

  • £800

As well as being a quality ultimate flying disk this frisbee is ideally suited for catching drips from your FirmZilla.  Place the flying disk upside down under the FermZilla dump valve to catch any drips when you connect/disconnect the collection container.

Size: 269mm diameter and 32mm high

This ultimate flying disk frisbee is a 175gram (+/- 10grams just like the competition ones) and is made from high impact PE so it doesn't crack and is soft enough to bend when you take a stack.

Made from tough flexible plastic so it passes the dog chew test.  If bent for an extended period just pour some hot water onto the frisby and it will return back to shape.

The weight and thick rim means better flying stability in the air so you can have maximum fun while drinking beers in the sun.

Withstands cold, heat, impact and other rivals on the field.


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