Pin lock to ball lock conversion kit

  • £1100

This is an all new conversion kit that converts your Firestone and Hoover Pin Lock Keg fittings to ball lock fittings. They have a 9/16-18 thread on both the gas and liquid side. These are stainless steel

I also have 19/32 - 18 size so pls specify if you require this size instead. This size will also replace most Pepsi type ball lock posts.
Liquid Post
Gas Post
2 Poppets
2 O-Rings
2 Dip Tube O-Rings

To help you distinguish which keg you have I have included a picture to help, the keg on the right is a Firestone or Spartan and the keg on the left is cornelius.

The keg on the left requires 19/32 - 18 post

The keg on the right requires 9/18 - 18 post

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