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Intertap (brass)

  • £2000

Generation 2

The Intertap Chrome plated brass faucet sports a wide range of revolutionary features. Traditionally beer taps use a rear sealing design, causing the beer in the tap to drain from the body of the tap due to a vent hole drilled directly into the front of the tap; causing a buildup of bacteria and wild yeast resulting in the quality of your beer to suffer. With the revolutionary Intertap tap design, worry no longer. The forward sealing design works to shut off the flow directly at the front of the tap, keeping your beer safe from harmful bacteria and wild yeast. 

Intertap uses a sliding shuttle that holds the o-ring in the ideal position, causing a more reliable seal to be made. They use an easily removable threaded spout allowing the most versatility available when replacing the spout whether they be a stout spout, an English sparkler spout, a growler filler, or even a ball lock post spout. This eliminates the need to replace your beer taps, instead simply purchase the spouts that you need. Fits standard UK Shanks.


Note: shank and handle would need to be purchased as it is not included in price but available in store.

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