Carbonation stone - 0.5 micron - Keg kingdom

0.5 micron Carbonation stone

  • £800

Carbonation stones provide the quickest method for infusing CO2 into beverages served from soda kegs. Force carbonating beverages is quick, easy and permits faster enjoyment of soda, beer, mead, sparkling wine and cider. Simply attach the stone to a 24" length of 1/4” beverage tubing to the gas side dip tube. 


For force carbonating beer while using a carbonation stone, attach the beer stone to a 24 “ length of ¼ “ beverage tubing. Place the opposite end of the ¼” tubing onto the short dip tube below the kegs gas tank plug. Fill the keg with beer and close the lid. Lower the beer temperature to approximately 36 F and attach a gas disconnect to the gas plug on the keg.

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