Win a Cornelius keg starter kit!

Bored of bottling day? Transfer your fermented wort straight from the bucket into your own cornelius keg for carbonation using a co2 cylinder (included) so no more priming! Dispense draught style beer like in pubs but in your own home! Here is your chance to win a Cornelius keg starter kit with keg faucet and co2!


Just click on the contact button on this page then enter your details and in the message box please write 'competition' then If you are using Facebook click 'like' and 'share' the post or if using Twitter please 'like' & 'retweet' there will be 1 winner drawn randomly on 1st Feb 2016 who will win a whole Cornelius keg standard kit with keg faucet and a full co2 cylinder. The kit is designed to get you set up with everything required to use cornelius kegs to dispense your beer!


kit includes:

Refurbished corny keg, keg faucet, regulator, refurbished co2 cylinder, disconnects and tubing..