Here at Keg Kingdom we have for sale Cornelius kegs (corny kegs) and other related products including disconnects, mobile taps, party taps, beer faucets, beer towers, conversion kits that convert pin lock kegs to ball lock kegs, PRV lids, beer tubing, cornelius keg starter kits, kegerator conversion kits, universal poppets, kegerator drip trays, false bottom, homebrew pumps, five star sterilisation products. The used Cornelius kegs we sell may have a few scratches and scuffs but no major dents, they have been thoroughly cleaned and pressure checked prior to dispatch. We also sell new Aeb (corny style) kegs, these kegs are made in italy and are of high quality with sanitory welds. We are sure you will be very happy with the quality of our products but for that extra piece of mind we offer a 100% refund on all our products.