Adjustable roller grain mill

  • £7000

Standard Grain Mill - 2 Rollers (with base)

Dimensions: 76 x 150 x 50mm

Steel Rollers: 28 x 127mm 

Adjustable interval: 0,025 - 0,1 inch (0.635 - 2,54 mm)

Handle Length : 200mm

The Grain Mill is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Aluminium body and oil impregnated brass.

• Adjustable rollers at both ends to give uniform crush

• 12 TPI knurl for efficiently pulling grain through rollers while leaving hull intact to form an excellent filter bed for sparging.


Grain Mill set included:

4x hoppers

1x handle 

1x screw bag

2x Stainless Steel rollers

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